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Senior Photographs of Bothell Highschool Mariner Fan

I recently worked on location to create Senior Photographs of Bothell Highschool Mariner Fan.  Summer in Seattle is such a great time of year to create these important images.  The weather is lovely, usually there isn’t the time commitments that fall brings with sports and after-school activities. I just loved working with P. We had a blast creating her portraits for her Senior Yearbook. There will probably only be one that goes in there, but her family will have a great variety to choose from for her keepsakes as portraits on the wall or as a customized photo album.

We met in the spring to determine the kinds of images we wanted to create for her highschool yearbook as well as for her family’s home.  It was fun learning about P. since I had never met her before and really got a great inside  peak at what makes her tick.  Lo and behold, she is a passionate Mariners baseball fan.  Well, we just had the perfect Seattle senior photographer and studio for her since I’m located right across from the Mariner baseball field. Besides baseball , this Bothell High senior is also a talented musician, who amongst other instruments she played is now rocking it out with a guitar. Although I don’t like to use props too much in a senior photo, if it adds to the story of the passion of the senior, then I’m definitely all for it. I just don’t want to have a senior pose by an old beat up car, unless that is their old beat up car, (or their Dads.)

For the session itself, it took a few hours, as we had a couple of locations that we shot in and a few clothing changes. I always recommend to bring more clothes than you need, as I might see something in your wardrobe that really catches the eye of the camera. It was fun to layer her outfits with a jean jacket. That way we got to go for a more modern approach with her dress and the colors worked really well with the location we photographed in.

We choose some backgrounds that worked great with her interests and her fashion style. The Mariners Field was just perfect to get some background images of to highlight her baseball passion. I like to use a longer lens to compress the background for these types of images, so the senior is still the focal point, but you get a sense of location. Another background I loved was this simple metal corrugated wall. It just highlighted her blue eyes really well and the industrial look was nicely blurred to put that focus on that freckled visage. Lastly we shot at the cool EMP Center for our “musical” look. I just love the way this background worked with her style.

Thanks P. had a blast photographing you.

Senior Photographs of Bothell Highschool Mariner FanPINTHIS Senior Photographs of Bothell Highschool Mariner FanPINTHIS Senior Photographs of Bothell Highschool Mariner FanPINTHIS


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  • July 31, 2015 - 1:07 pm

    Cheryl Westrom - Loved working with Heather! She did an amazing job even with some difficult spots and challenging lighting on a hot day! We will use you again!ReplyCancel

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