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Seattle Child and Family Photographer

As a Seattle child and family photographer my passion and I enjoy working with new families every year and creating unique portraits that reflect their lifestyles.  When you contact Heather Quintans, know that she brings over fifteen years of professional portrait experience to the mix.  She has both professional lighting on location and has a natural light studio in Seattle that is just lovely to photograph in.  As a Seattle photographer Heather looks for unique settings to create her images and also looks to create images that are unique to you and your family.

Initial consultation by Seattle photographer Heather Quintans starts the moment you call.  After we have a conversation to see if we are a great fit, we will meet in advance in person of the session to map out our photographer session strategy in Seattle.  We’ll want to talk about logistics to make it all work well. Lighting and location are the two big decisions that we will need to work around for you and your little ones.  Also clothing is an important part of the process as well.


Urban Portrait Spring Special with Seattle Family Photographer

It’s here: Urban Portraits Spring Special with Seattle Photographer We’ll be creating your awesome urban

Family Portraits In Seattle With Professional Photographer

With the Holiday and Christmas vacations from school and many families visiting from our of town, this is a great time

Seattle Family Portrait In The Mountains

Was so excited to work with C. and her family again and photographing her Seattle family portrait in the mountains. 

Fall is Here and the Colors are Beautiful for Seattle Portraits

As Rudy knows, Fall is Here and the Colors are Beautiful for Seattle Portraits.  Even working on overcast days is great

Best Locations For Portraits in Seattle

I’m both a city girl and a country girl and love both for different reasons. When I first started photographing

What to Wear For Seattle Family Portrait Session

How to Coordinate Clothing and Colors for Your Seattle Family Portrait Session It’s two weeks away and you are

Planning Seattle Photography Session:Part 1 of 2

Many elements go into making a great portrait of a family, not the least of which is the time of day to take the

Happy Sunshine Seattle {seattle family portraits}

Happy Sunshine Seattle  {seattle family portraits} Is it officially spring?  If yesterday was any indication with this

Natural Light Portraits of Family in Seattle Studio

When creating Natural Light Portraits of Family in Seattle Studio, one of the first questions during our consultation

Seattle Funky and Fun Family Portraits

Here are some Seattle Funky and Fun Family Portraits we shot this fall. I am always holding off posting family

New Beginnings {Seattle Family Photographer}

We’ve been so busy this fall workgin with our great clients, we missed our blog postings !! Here’s to

Why We Love the Rain by Seattle Family Photographer

Kids romping in rain photographed by Heather Quintans   Living in Seattle is pretty awesome…well most of the

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