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Seattle Family Portrait In The Mountains

Was so excited to work with C. and her family again and photographing her Seattle family portrait in the mountains.  I’ve been photographing this crew over the years and  we have a lovely photo history with these kids.  Not only are they accommodating and willing to try different ideas for their portraits (one time even in the rain their spirits were high) their genuine politeness always impresses me.

C. and her blended family are avid skiers (tops on my list) and although we just missed a portrait on the ski slopes we still wanted to make Mom’s vision come true of a family portrait near Seattle with “mountains and streams”.  That’s where my expertise in logistics: location scouting, timing etc,  comes in to make those visions a reality,especially ones that captures the beauty of the northwest.

We both scouted locations on our earlier season ski trips and they scored points with discovering this little gem.  We honed in at the right time of the day to get the right backlighting to expose the mountains and their skin tones for just the right look.   It was such a great late afternoon and the weather cooperated beautifully with just a slight cloud coverage.  We were able to try a variety of  backdrops for their family portrait as its always best to get some variations.  I’m excited to deliver a gorgeous 16×20 framed print for her home as well as a tryptich of the kids.

Thanks C. and C.  love working with the family and honored to see you guys for this special event.

Seattle Family Portrait in the MountainsPINTHIS

Seattle Family Portrait in the Mountains



Seatle Family Portrait: BrothersPINTHIS



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