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Why We Love the Rain by Seattle Family Photographer


Kids romping in rain photographed by Heather Quintans


Living in Seattle is pretty awesome…well most of the time. Whether you chose to move here or grew up in this amazing location, it is a beautiful, eclectic and wonderful combination of nature and city life.  Of course there is that one little weather challenge we do occasionally (ahem) encounter.  Although it has delayed some of our recent Seattle family portrait sessions, in general the rain and clouds add a unique and wonderful characteristic to our Seattle and Eastside portrait location photography.  Here are just a few reasons Why We Love the Rain by Seattle Family Photographer:

The wet stuff has created the most lush scenery for your outdoor child or family portrait in Seattle. Beaches are scenic and cool urban scenes are eclectic and contemporary, but when you think of outdoors and the Pacific NW, the color green is the rainbow color that smacks of Seattle.  (the nickname, Emerald City mean anything) (And yes sometimes I usually pack my trusty green woolly blanket to protect our pants from the leftover waterfall.)

Clouds = gorgeous soft lighting.  Bright light  = harsh shadows and squinting. Clouds and haziness act like a giant softbox. Nature photography-give me F16 and bright sun…Portraits,cloudy days and throw that F2 lens on and we’ll really shine for your children’s portraits.

This one is a bit more on the long term benefit: smoother skin.  At the
risk of offending other parts of the country, we’ve got a few less wrinkles.  That soft drizzly rain acts like a daily moisturizer,
(Plus makes for less “photoshop” time for me.)

Wait a minute and the weather will change: The forecast can be wildly off a substantial amount of time here. Not only that, but what may be rain in one part of town, could be sunny skies in another area.   I typically have not had to reschedule outdoor sessions,(exception this past month) as the skies typically will clear up after a morning drizzle.  Call it adventurous or just downright optimistic, I usually wait until a couple hours before rescheduling.

So although the rain does pose challenges to outdoor photography, in general if you are willing to capture great images of your children and family give me a call and I’ll walk you through the steps for a magical outdoor portrait courtesy of our Seattle precipitation abundance.  (And don’t forget we have a great natural light studio for wonderful images
too just in case it actually is a downpour.)

Wait…is that the sun I see peeking in my window ?

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