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Seattle Senior Photography: Your Passion

Seattle Senior Photography: Your Passion  

Passion.  That was the word that came up  in conversation recently while planning a senior portrait session with one of my clients.  It says in a word your intention, your love, your spirit.  It’s what drives you and gives you a sense of purpose.

To create an awesome session and really capture your passion, I really get involved in the planning logistics and knowing who you are.  This is no shoot and burn session but a well thought out session.  My senior portrait sessions are my passion and a lot of thought and care goes into each session.  The session is crafted together with both the senior and their parents, so that we can match not only a vision but a lifelong portrait that you could look back on and be proud of over the course of time.

Some of the questions I ask are:  what are your current hobbies/sports/interests.  What clothes tell your story make you look good and you are comfortable in ?  What kinds of looks/smiles do you like to convey or not convey ?  What is your favorite locations, i.e. city, urban, nature, beach ?

Passions may or may not be a sport you play, it could be that you are an excellent blackjack player, have an incredible sneaker collection or love making jewelry.  Your passion could be something no other senior at school knows about. You are a certified sushi-maker, a knitting aficianado, you love skiing K2.

The whole session doesn’t have to be about this passion and honestly sometimes it doesn’t translate in a photograph.  Regardless I would still want to make sure we get that great portrait and if we can translate your passion and spirit into your Seattle senior photograph.


Highschool senior playing guitar at Seattle CenterPINTHIS

Highschool senior playing guitar at Seattle Center


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