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Father and Son Black and White Portrait

I’ve been sorting through my old negatives (yes I am one of those relics that shot film) and came across this gem of C. and his Dad, a father and son black and white portrait.  I’ve been photographing C. and his family since he was just learning to sit up as a baby. Although we don’t photograph as often as when they were younger,  I have the pleasure of reconnecting with them every two or three years to create family portraits of them at different locales in Seattle.

It was so fun to dig out this image of C. giving his Dad one of those I’m never letting you go, three-year old bear hugs.  Its fun to contrast these two images, to not only see their transitions but also recognize those features that haven’t changed.  When I visualize C., I remember his plump cherub cheeks and his engaging smile. Although those pinchable cheeks have since melted,  they still have that robustness of a young teen (although pinching becomes off limits after 4 years old) . Those eyes are still as strong and steady but just don’t take up as much real estate on a larger canvas and that smile is just as engaging yet a bit more knowing. (Btw, Dad T, you make me jealous, you have hardly changed.)

Reminiscing at these images, I am grateful to have created the timeless portraits and to have documented these and other families as they change and grow over the years. ( I’m glad we both have this giant bear hug to reminisce over.)  Thanks L&T


Father and son portrait look back from 10 years agoPINTHIS

Father and son portrait look back from 10 years ago

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