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Finding The Best Seattle Eastside Senior Photographer

Tips for Finding The Best Seattle Eastside Senior Photographer

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With a camera in virtually everyone’s back pocket, these days almost everyone is a “photographer”.  And while I too love all those filters on Instagram (my kids love those crazy ones on Snapchat) you have to ask yourself, is that selfie/Instagram shot the one I want to have in my or my kids yearbook ?  Most of us would probably agree that’s not the best option, but with information overload these days its not so easy in finding The Best Seattle Eastside Senior Photographer to create your Senior Portrait.  You have to sift through multiple sites (hey mine still doesn’t come up til the third page on google) and figure out if you should go with an unknown or a friends recommendation, or even use their best friend…who might actually have a few great shots in their portfolio.  This is an important decision and you want to make the right choice,it’s going to be in print 20 years from now.   For some it might just be fine, but for those whom are striving for more, a professionally crafted image and one that is artistic than searching for the right photographer through website searching like this is the perfect way to identify someone you would like to work with.


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You can learn a lot of someones style by their blog and portfolio, and you may ask to see more of a few full sessions of someones images so you know it’s not just one shot that they can do great, but a variety of options and looks.  Some of the questions to ask a “senior photographer”:  Do they always go to the same locations and many of the images look cookie cutter no matter how well shot.  Do they travel with professional equipment and fixed focus lenses, like F2.8 80 mm Canons or Nikons.  What time of day are they recommending to shoot.  Are they bringing professional lighting on each session and an assistant.  Do they know great locations and can change at the drop of a hat ?   Sometimes those “photographers” aren’t as skilled in the nuances of the art or strive to be creative with their setups and looks, choosing to repeat their own or trying to match another photographers without taking into consideration the subject.  As one Mom recently related to me, her eldest daughter’s senior photographs were so disappointing she didn’t want to repeat that mistake with her other two kids. She luckily saw my work at an art studio and knew that she’d be working with a professional with great experience.


I might be a great for  you and your senior if you love the creative process and enjoy artistic images that captures you or your seniors’ spirit, if you don’t mind taking the time to meet and plan out your session, if you like to be in front of the camera or at least are ok with direction from me, and you love beautiful finished prints that compliment your social sharing.

The summer is a great time to set that session up before the hecticness of the return to school.  Why have mediocre images when you can create the stunning images that celebrate your senior ?

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