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Call Me Red…Color vs Black and White

The debate goes on for me in portrait photography to print in black and white or color. My portrait photography of children in Seattle is known for black and white,  as it really captures the emotions of the image.  You lose yourself in the setting with the child or the relationship shown between two people.  Your eye does not pull away from the image to the details of the colors of the shirts or the flowers in the background but is drawn into the center of the focus of the element and the reason the image was crafted in the first place, about people, about children, about the love we have with them. 

That being said, I do have to take exception to printing images with color.  It just makes sense to print an image with gorgeous scenery or the  setting sun light creates a beautiful glow on a family on the beach, or as in this case, you have an amazing kid with the full color rainbow: red hair and blue eyes.  In this case, little Rory, had  "Fire Engine Red" hair.  A wonderfully glorious mop of red  with a fiesty personality to match.   

So if you ask me for black and white or color there are great reasons to go with each and sometimes it takes the final viewing to see it.  (I have great way to show you both when you need to decide on the final image that takes some of the agony out.)

You be the judge, I think that color wins out in this case. Let me know which way you would choose.



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