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Timing Is Everything

 What it Takes to Make a Great Portrait:  Timing is Everything and Why Preplanning Is So Crucial

You want to celebrate your baby’s angelic two-toothed smile, capture the quirkiness of your two year olds expressions or create an amazing portrait of your family on location.  Timing is everything for these: the time of the day for your child, the time it is best to capture them at their optimal age, and time of day or year.   Today let’s just tackle the time of day to create the best portrait.

The 6mth portrait
Well there is 4 people that we are scheduling in this brief but one of the cutest children sessions: Mom, Dad, Baby and photographer.  The CEO calling the shots on this one is that 19lber you’ve got bjorned on you.  She’s making all the decisions here, so just roll with it.  Tiny windows of time, are hallmarks at this age,

Predictable time ?  Mid-morning after the first nap is usually best.  But even with a  “predictable babies” they’ll throw a curveball at us on the day of the shoot.   Our best shot is to keep that morning blocked out, tell work you’ve got a doctor’s appt and schedule at the time of day he/she is happiest. We usually get an hour if we are lucky at this age (although I did have one of those amazing sessions, where little one took a  mid session power nap and bounced back like a champ)   Schedule a session on your schedule and we’ll get some better shots of the moody side or a sleepy one that passed out for nappy time.

There’s so much to write about timing and it’s time for me to sign off and edit the amazing baby portraits from this morning.  Toddles.

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