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When to photograph my child/baby ? Seattle Baby and Family Photography Tips

In the flood of information to prepare for your baby, photography don’t always make it to the top of the list, but its the one thing you just can’t do over.  The good news is that there are plenty of stages that you can capture during that first year.

When should I plan to photography my baby ?  There are 3-4 stages (see below) that are quintessential baby first year stages. Maybe just one of the stages appeal to you or if you are undecided (especially when it’s your first) you may want to consider a “Baby Vignette” (a series of sessions over the course of the first year.).  I recommend to tentatively plan for these stages and look for your baby’s milestones to more accurately schedule a date.

Newborn:  Or fresh out of the womb look.  The sleepy newborn look is precious and fleeting. Plan this session with your photographer in the 8-9mth pregnancy mark as the first two weeks can be the coolest style. A sense of scale with baby vs. Mommy Daddy hands can be intriguing.  Fine art approach, lots of natural light. Sessions generally take over two hours to factor in feeding/sleeping/changing.  Come prepared with spare clothes. Works well in studio or home.  Good for natural light, but studio light can be nice too. IMG_3371PINTHIS



3-4 mth old: Great for images with Mom and Dad holding, lots of
interaction with baby. Neck strength usually good, so can possibly do
some tummy shots, or with Mom/Dad possible sibling supporting little
one.  More candid and playful than newborn.  Natural light and some
studio light.  Images shot mostly close up, don’t worry about
backgrounds so much IMG_2172rPINTHIS


6-8mth old: The quintessental baby look: sitting up, smiling, engaging, excited by new people, not much stranger anxiety, just a joyful session.  Can add in parents or siblings, but be cautious as there time window can be brief, usually only about 30 minutes or IMG_7647rPINTHIS


One year old: Standing crawling, maybe even running.  a great change to capture this engaging child.  could have some stranger anxiety.  boys can be a little mischevious, girls can be quite cute

Call me anytime to discuss your little one plan and I’ll help you with this.





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