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Let it Snow, Let it Snow

We got a whiff of the big stuff yesterday and it really did cause quite a mess here in Western Washington.  Bravo to the meteorologists, just one day late…….Ok, this stuff is impossible to drive in (even if you knew how, you won't chance it cause no one else can here),  you now have three extra days home with the kids you didn't plan on, and your last minute Christmas shopping is really going to be last minute….good luck finding a parking space, can you say overnight delivery?

Besides all those logistical drawbacks, I have to admit I am a snow lover and think that magical days like today do make it all worth it.  Here's the "bright side":  The sun shining brightly today gave you that extra shot of Vitamin D you'be been hankering for, the untouched snow gave you that excuse to be a kid again making a whopping snow angel, and you actually got to say hi to your neighbor for the first time since Thanksgiving (face it those tire chains take the skills of a McGyver to wrangle).

Here's hoping the Seattle mailman have the chains and the skill to put them on so that you'll get those Holiday and Christmas cards to you.

Happy Winter Wonderland


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