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When I converse with a new client, I ask a lot of questions.  I want to know what makes them and their kids tick, their past experiences and what their goal are for this session. My classic style that focuses on capturing artistic emotionally connected images doesn't change, but I want to incorporate their vision so we can come up with a common goal.  One of the most important questions is how and where do you want to display your images in your home. When all is said and done I want to make sure your investment fits in with your vision.

Sometimes my client has chosen the wall and knows a grouping to display. Other times we completely go in the opposite direction and let the images dictate a grouping and placement.  Scheduling a site visit with with D. prior to our session, allowed me to get a sense of their style and potential placement of images. Since she had a large collection of toddler images with another photographer, we identified a separate wall space that wouldn't compete.  We also chose to go in a new direction of large wall prints that would have impact  as
opposed to filling up the space with a lot of small images that would compete with each other.  We ended up with these gorgeous black
and white stretched canvas in frame portraits.  They gelled together

When I assisted them in displaying the images,
we choose a diagonal to create a more dynamic display.  The entire session, the decision making and the displaying were all a creative process that worked well, By listening to their ideas, seeing the space and allowing the kids personalities to cone out in the session we created portraits and a display that they will enjoy for years to come.  (I'll show a teaser for their album in the next blog posting.)


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