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Seattle Family Photographer Creates Sibling Portraits

I love photographing kids

As a Seattle Family photographer, I really enjoy creating portraits of children. You would think that every portrait photographer would enjoy kids but you might be surprised that although they might be great photographers, they can’t or won’t get on the same level of kids.  I think some photographers like the idea of children’s portraits  but they may not necessarily enjoy children. Children are my specialty and I’d almost say the photography comes second, as if you can’t make a kid engage it doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive camera in the world, that picture is just not going to be engaging.

My creativity is not only inspired by creative camera angles and lighting etc, but with kids photography it’s being creative in motivating them and to capture their personality.  These two boys were just a bunch of fun to photograph with the right direction, entertainment and a little cajoling.

These two brothers were full of fun and ready for action.   The older brother (like many firstborn) was ready to smile on command, while his younger sibling needed a bit more entertaining to get the natural smile to evolve.  I am patient with kids and try to let their personalities show, rather than forcing right off the bat to smile and say “cheese” that’s just the quickest way to lose spontaneity. As an experienced Seattle family photographer for over ten years, I’ve evolved a natural pattern of carefully observing their behaviors right off the bat, and then providing directed play to create and then capture a more natural portrait.

Their parents were just as enjoyable as the boys and that was a big part of this sessions success. Everyone was as relaxed as these things can go and we had a lot of fun allowing the “boys be boys” in their backyard. Dad said he wants to remember the way they and their home looked 20 years from now and  I think we did achieve that goal.





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