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Black and White Portraits Seattle Sisters

Beautiful girls, beautiful interactions with each other and with their parents.  Siblings are so cute yet so unpredictable. My two boys are the same ages as these two and what I have learned from them is to watch, learn, and wait  (that is when I’m not fluttering trying to break up a wrestling match).  You won’t catch that amazing portrait by forcing them into a generic look, but will find beauty if you allow the time to allow them to develop their relationship in their own way.

In my ten plus years of photographing children expecting the unexpected is when I find the most magical images.  Luckily their Mom was on board when it came to designing this session, and allowing personality to take precedence over posing.  Although we had a couple more ideas, there is always only a limited time span for them and for us.  (Did I mention how I need a nap after my sessions.)

I photographed the two last year when little one wasn’t moving so much and in more of the baby stage with awe at new people and situations.  As a determined 2 year old, she turned the tables on us and let us know who was in command.  Even so, her big sister and her worked so well together with their individual personalities.   I was pleasantly surprised by their interactions with each other and their unique personalities shining through. With Mom and Dad their love really shone through naturally.   I think the black and white is the perfect classic option to showcase their timeless looks and allows the viewer to focus on the relationship.


IMG_8556BW IMG_8587BW

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