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Baby’s Chubby Hand Captured by Seattle Family Photographer

As a family photographer in Seattle, I love to capture portraits of these lovely defining details of babyhood. That little roll just above and below the wrist line, that mechanical and unfluid thumb joint figuring out its role, the delicate and perfectly formed crescents on the fingernails:There’s nothing like those cute little baby details, like their chubby hands, smiling big cheeks, long eyelashes…all of those little things that you just want to capture and hold onto forever.

I was invited to photograph Miss Little “O” on one of her first trips this spring to a small Seattle-area park in Capitol Hill.  She was just loving these wee flowers and capturing her first crawls as a photographer of children and families was a delight.  

Photo tip:  Make sure to dress babies in comfortable clothing and at this stage showing the more “chubb” for photos the better, which should be fine with the warm early summer Seattle weather.  I want to photograph all those baby rolls before they almost magically disappear.  A great time window is between 6-9 mths. 

seattle family photographPINTHIS

photograph of seattle child and family

exploring baby in grass

Seattle portrait of baby and motherPINTHIS

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